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Protect Against Power Surges During Storm Season

Hurricane season officially opened on June 1. The time is now to prepare for bad weather, keep your family safe and learn how to protect your personal property from power surges during storms.

How to Choose the Right Tesla Home Charging System

Because all Tesla® cars are “built to order,” you the consumer have the opportunity to select the exact charging system (along with some other great features) your vehicle will arrive with. As of right now, Tesla home charging system options include the standard charging option, or the high amperage charging feature (only offered on models p100d and 100d as of April 17, 2017).

Why Insurance Companies Don’t Like Aluminum Wiring in Houses

Why do insurance companies require the replacement of aluminum wiring in houses and condos? The answer is simple: it’s a safety hazard. This old style wire tends to deteriorate over time at its connections, thus causing overheating and other fire hazard issues. Aluminum wiring was popularly used in the 1960s and tends to loosen its connection over time as well, thus making it 55 times more likely to reach “fire hazard conditions” as opposed to copper which is the standard wire we use today.

Paying it Forward: Gulfstar Electric Gives Back

At Gulfstar, we take pride in being able to lend a hand and give back to our local community wherever we can. In recent months we were proud to donate our time and resources to the Community Learning Center renovations project in Clearwater, FL. The CLC is a...

Why Do an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Your Home?

A customer recently called Gulfstar wanting to do an electrical panel upgrade to replace his old fused panel with new, updated equipment using modern circuit breakers - in other words, a switch from the old, screw-in fuses to the new, flip-style, resettable circuit...

Gulfstar Electric Clearwater Preferred Contractors List

Over the years, we've worked with many different companies and individuals in the field of construction. Whether you're painting your house, installing new plumbing or a whole new kitchen, these Clearwater, FL contractors come highly recommended by their own clients,...

5 Money-Saving Electrical Tips for Homeowners

Having electrical issues in your home? In our experience with customers, there are often simple troubleshooting steps you as the "do-it-yourselfer" can take yourself to solve common household problems. Save yourself a little money and inconvenience--check out these...

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