4 Things You Need To Know About Your Electric Car Charger Installation

Jun 1, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Researching home electric car charger installation options has become crucial for both current EV owners and those who are looking to buy an EV. The EV revolution is here and it’s not going away any time soon.

To help demystify this emerging technology, we’ve broken down four vital aspects of installing an electric vehicle charging station at home to help you choose a safe and reliable charging setup for your EV. 

1. Location, Location, Location 

The location of your electric car charger installation at home is a crucial factor that can significantly impact your EV ownership experience. Choosing the right spot for your charging station can enhance convenience, improve safety factors and optimize the overall efficiency of your EV. The location of your EV Charger can also impact installation costs. Below are a handful of factors to consider when choosing an electric car charger location for your home.

Accessibility and Convenience

Choosing the right location for your electric car charger is vital for a hassle-free charging experience. Prioritize accessibility and convenience, opting for a spot that allows easy access to the vehicle’s charge port, makes the most of your cable length and minimizes trip hazards. Ensure sufficient parking and maneuvering space, creating an ideal and safe charging setup that streamlines your EV routine.

Weather Protection

Weather protection is crucial when choosing the location for your electric car charger. While many Level 2 EV Charging Stations are outdoor-rated and weather-resistant, you’ll still want to opt for a location that shields it from direct water or rain, snow, and extreme temperatures to prevent damage and maintain efficiency. Also, be sure to position it away from the hot Florida sun to prevent overheating and additional wear on the surface of the charger housing. 

Safety and Compliance

When choosing a charger location, it’s crucial to adhere to National Electric Code regulations and safety standards. Ensure proper grounding and electrical safety measures to prevent shocks, tripping and equipment damage. Maintain clearances and safe distances to avoid accidents or obstructions during charging. Professionals like Gulfstar Electric can ensure all building codes relating to EV charging are followed closely. 

Future Expansion and Multiple Vehicle Charging

Looking to the future can be tough, especially when technology these days seems to evolve at the speed of light. Whether you think you might add a second EV to your household, or if you foresee selling the property with EV charging infrastructure listed as a value-add, consider designing the charging setup to allow for multiple charger installations. This will ensure a seamless transition for future expansion.

Aesthetics and Property Value

Consider aesthetics and property value when installing your electric car charger by ensuring your installer can blend the charger into your home’s architecture or landscape for a seamless visual flow. An attractive charging setup can also boost your home’s curb appeal, potentially increasing its value for future buyers down the road.

2. Pick an EV Charger That’s Right for Your Car, Home and Lifestyle

Assessing your charging needs is a crucial step when preparing to install an electric car charger, and it starts with determining the type of charger required for your specific situation. 

The Level 1 charger – which utilizes a standard household outlet – is the most basic option, suitable for drivers with extremely low daily or weekly mileage. 

For most EV owners, a professionally installed Level 2 charger is the way to go for charging your EV at home. Level 2 charging with a 240V circuit will significantly reduce charging times, thus catering to more moderate-to-high daily driving needs.

3. Choose an Installation that Meets Your Electrical System’s Requirements 

Understanding electrical requirements is vital for a safe and efficient electric car charger installation. Professionals like Gulfstar will start with an electrical load calculation to assess if your panel can handle the added load. 

Your electrician will choose the appropriate circuit breaker and wiring size to meet the charger’s power needs and comply with local and national electrical codes for a secure and compliant setup that works seamlessly with your existing electrical system wherever possible to save you money.

4. Know What to Expect from the Installation Process

Hiring a professional for your electric car charger installation is essential. Research and choose a qualified electrician who is an EV charging expert. When you compare costs, bear in mind that–like most things in life–you get what you pay for. A professionally done installation by a licensed electrician should include, at the minimum:

-A promptly done installation which meets National Electric Code (NEC) standards
-A finished product which is visually aesthetic and shows strong workmanship
-Proper insurance coverage
-A guarantee by workmanship warranty

Failing to select the right professional usually results, in our experience, in equipment failure, a pretty shoddy looking installation, burnt up panels or worse.

Hire The Electric Car Charger Installation Experts

If you’re located in the Tampa Bay area and ready to embrace the electric vehicle revolution, look no further than Gulfstar Electric for your charging needs. Thanks to our vast experience in EV charging installations, we have successfully completed close to 10,000 installations across Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee, and Pinellas Counties. Give us a call or shoot us a message and experience the convenience and professionalism of Gulfstar Electric.

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