How Much Does it Cost to Install an Electric Vehicle Charger?

May 4, 2017

With the electric vehicle (EV) industry now becoming more mainstream, lines of professional service work are seizing the opportunity to support this industry which undoubtedly will continue to grow in the coming years.

As with most new technologies you’ll find that service providers exist along all points of the spectrum; from the good-intentioned but ill-equipped handyman to the licensed electrician who could attempt to figure it out, all the way up to EV charging station certified installers and specialists who have training in these technologies and the electric vehicles for which they are installed.

Tips for the Consumer & How to Choose an EV Charger Installer

Due to this wide spectrum of available service technicians, the question of what it should cost to install an electric vehicle charger becomes equally volatile.

I had a customer call me the other day who hesitated at telling me he had purchased a Tesla because he feared I would over charge him for the installation of his Wall Connector. He eventually told me he had gotten quotes ranging from $325.00 all the way up to $1500.00 and was looking for something in between, which we were able to help him out with.

It is true that some electricians may be “ripping off” customers and charging in excess for EV charger installations. It is also true that you as the consumer can avoid this by being your own advocate, and by asking the right questions to ensure your potential installer knows his/her stuff before they’re hired on to do the job. Some questions you’ll want to ask might include:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you understand the local and national codes pertaining to EV charger installations?
  • Have you ever installed a charging system for an electric vehicle?
  • What is the best option for charging my car?
  • How long will it take to fully charge?
  • Where should I put it?
  • Will it overload my electrical panel?

Cost to Install an Electric Vehicle Charger: Pricing Factors

As a homeowner myself, I’m a fan of doing my own due diligence and taking the time to understand the cost factors involved with any sort of project or job. In order to do this with EV charger installations, it becomes necessary to think about some of the variables which affect pricing. With this in mind, you’ll really be able to decide for yourself if the quote is fairly priced or not.

The following are some of the key cost factors which your installer should be thinking with when estimating your job:

  • Location of the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) in relation to the panel
  • Ability of your current electrical system (panel) to safely handle a new circuit
  • Complexity in running power from the panel to the charger

Your installer should also be concerned with how awesome your new electric vehicle is, although that won’t affect the cost all that much.

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Davan Milford is Owner/Operator of Gulfstar Electric. In addition to being a Florida state-licensed electrical contractor with more than 15 years experience, Davan is a certified installer with ChargePoint, ClipperCreek and QMerit as well as a preferred installer for Bosch EV Solutions and Tesla Motors.


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