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Welcome to the world of electric cars, where — with an EV charging installation in the home — you’ll never need to visit a gas station again. Having a Level 2 EV Charging System in the home is vital for EV owners, as the national infrastructure for fueling up eco-friendly transportation options is still very much under development across the nation.

Explore the benefits of Level 2 Chargers as well as charging rates for your specific brand of electric vehicle by submitting a work request form, or by calling our friendly team! We’re available in the office Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Gulfstar Electric Blog - Top Home EV Charging Recommendations - Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Wall Connector

Our certified team has installed thousands of Tesla Wall Connectors. This Tesla-specific Level 2 EV charging station has an impressive design and set of software-enabled features at a competitive price point. This is the preferred option for Tesla owners looking to to maximize charging speeds at home.

Gulfstar Electric Blog - Top Home EV Charging Recommendations - Tesla Universal Wall Connector - In Stock Now

Tesla Universal Wall Connector

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector broke the internet this year when it released this all-in-one charger. For dual-brand EV owners, this technology and its accompanying app technology is a no-brainer.

Gulfstar Electric Blog - Top Home EV Charging Recommendations - Tesla J1772 Wall Connector

Tesla J1772 Wall Connector

Tesla released the J1772 Wall Connector in 2022 as a universal Level 2 charging option. Appropriate for a variety of electric vehicles including the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and more, you won’t find a better priced charger that performs like this. This well-priced unit is no longer sold by Tesla but we have some limited stock set aside. Ask for details!

Enphase HCS Hardwired Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Enphase (formerly Clipper Creek) manufactures a number of ruggedized EV charging systems with and without “smart” features for convenient at-home use. These can be utilized with electric cars ranging from Hyundai to Porsche and everything in between.

Gulfstar Electric Blog - Top Home EV Charging Recommendations - Pulsar Wallbox

Pulsar Wallbox

The Pulsar Wallbox unit offers powerful performance and efficiency in its compact design. Control your charging wirelessly using the myWallbox app and choose from hardwired or plug-in installation up to 48A.

Gulfstar Electric - Juicebox Enelx Level 2 Charger


Juicebox chargers by EnelX are well-liked for their 25-foot charging cable, integrated cable management and robust smartphone app capability. These units take up a little more budget and space on the wall, but their dynamic LED lights, built-in lock and overall aesthetic make up for it!

Best EV Chargers - Chargepoint Home Flex Gulfstar Electric


The ChargePoint Home Flex is compact and comes with smart options to control your charge speeds remotely through the Mobile App. This technology is a favorite EV charging installation option among households with Ford, Volvo and Volkswagen electric cars. Now sold with options for J1772 or NACS!

NEMA 14-50 Outlet for Tesla Home EV Charging Installation

Plug-In EV Charging

NEMA 14-50 is the preferred receptacle for Level 2 plug-in charging systems. At Gulfstar, we use industrial-grade materials which are safer, more durable and required by Tesla for their “continuous use” rating which is a must for at-home charging.

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