How to Fix Tesla Sentry System Error

Jan 1, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

If you’ve noticed error messages on your phone from your Tesla vehicle, often times these can be easily fixed by simply performing a hard reset on the car (covered below). In this article we’ll also cover how to fix the Tesla Error Code “Sentry System Error.” This is a fairly common bug and is usually an easy fix.

Tesla Sentry System Error: How to Fix

The most common error message for this issue is: “Sentry mode has turned off due to a sentry system error.” Before you call for a service appointment, try these steps first:

1. Put the car in PARK.

2. Navigate to your Settings on the vehicle screen. Find your Controls > Safety > Sentry Mode and turn this OFF.

3. Hold down the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel until your screen goes black, and release. You will see a white Tesla logo pop up on the black screen as your car reboots.

4. Navigate back to your Sentry Mode in the Settings, and turn this ON.

This should fix the issue. If it does not, navigate to the Service section of your Tesla App and request an appointment to address this further. To learn more about Sentry Mode in all Tesla vehicles, click here.

How to Restart Your Tesla Screen 

If your Tesla screen is frozen or your navigation or apps are unresponsive in any way, it may be time to restart the screen. The below steps apply to all models of Tesla: S, 3, X, Y and Cybertruck.

1. Put the car in PARK.

2. Hold down the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel until your screen goes black, and release.

This does not turn off the car. In fact, you can technically restart the screen while in drive mode if you need to although doing this while pulled over is preferable and safer. Power cycling (turning off) the car is different and may be required as an additional step, depending on the issues you are experiencing with your car.

How to Turn Off Your Tesla 

To turn off your Tesla, navigate to your touchscreen and find Controls > Safety > Power Off. 

If you’re Power Cycling as a troubleshooting measure, wait for 2 minutes and refrain from opening the door, touching the screen or brake pedal. After 2 minutes has passed, resume normal operation. Opening a door, touching the screen or tapping the brake pedal will wake the car and turn the car back on.

For more helpful tips, be sure to check out Tesla’s DIY tips and Tesla Tutorials!

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